Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Memoirs of A Geisha

One of the reasons I was excited about Japan was to take a trip to Kyoto to see a real life Geisha! I know that is weird, but it is something that I have been fascinated with since I read the book "Memoirs Of A Geisha"! Then, seeing Rob Marshal's very visually beautiful movie, I knew I would one day have to visit Kyoto! I also have read many books on there culture, and this bizarre tradition, is still alive in Kyoto! This trip was a must for J.R. Whittington!

I finally took a trip (Sunday evening after my show and stayed the night) spent the full day off in Kyoto! As I arrived, I had other tourist sites to see such as Monkey Mountain (Amazing) and beautiful shrines and temples. If you know anything about a Geisha they don't leave there Okea's until dusk! So I knew after being a tourist, I had to run over to Gion Corner, to go find me a Geisha! Gion Corner still looked like old Japan, filled with many restaurants, great architecture, and tea houses everywhere! Almost 15 minutes after standing in Gion Corner, I saw a group of people with camera's running like the paparazzi down this long alley way! There were two Geisha coming up it, and I ran too, and saw a true Geisha, and her Mikeo, which is a young soon to be Geisha in training! I was so excited to see them, and star struck as if Madonna had just walked by me! I took a couple of pictures, feeling like the paparazzi, The Geisha run from tea house to tea house, trying not to get there picture taken. I felt bad afterwards, but I just had to. I waited forever to see a Geisha, and I needed proof that I had seen one.

As it got later and later, I watched about 10 Geisha walk around, and loved the culture of it all! It is so interesting, and they are so mesmerising! A TRUE GEISHA IS NOT A PROSTITUTE, THEY DO SALE THERE VIRGINITY TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, BUT THEY ONLY SLEEP WITH ONE MAN. KINDA LIKE AN ARRANGE MARRIAGE, THEY ENTERTAIN FOR THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE IN JAPAN, AND THAT IS HOW THEY MAKE MONEY! SEX IS NOT ALLOWED, ONLY WITH THERE DONA! I just wanted to clear that up, if you are reading this post..

The night was perfect and beautiful, and then at 7pm, the unthinkable was about to happen. Two young Mikeo walked up the street, they were about to dance at the Gion Corner Theater! The two young Mikeo knew one of the ladies I had just met, and was speaking with. She had been studying Geisha culture, for three years now, and informed me on so much information..She told the young Mikeo that I was in A Chorus Line, and low and behold the beautiful young Mikeo posed with me in a picture. My trip to Kyoto was complete, and I felt so special, and watching all the people in the area gag, because I got a picture with a soon to be Geisha! This was a dream come true!


  1. I am so happy for you, JR; what an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. really, you gotta thank God for giving us a job like this that leads us down so many exciting and unexpected roads.

    And thanks for clearing the Geisha's name--they AREN'T prostitutes!!!!

  2. OooOoooOOOoooh! How cool! Now, what I want to know is how they don't sweat off all that make up! LOL!